Wednesday, February 17, 2010

being thrifty with my posts

thrifted plaid shirt, cowboy boots, dress, sweater and lace trousers. good times, man.

thanks to james for the photog

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi. So I thought I should update any readers (anyone out there?) on the whole point of this blog - the thrift store experiment! I guess I kinda got sidetracked with the whole Etsy thing and have been reading Sea of Shoes too frequently, but I'm getting focused and this blog is getting back to basics with it's goal.

So, as for my progress with the whole only-shopping-at-thrift stores thing - I'm actually doing quite good! I got a little caught up in the consumerism brainwashing technique that was Christmas, but mostly only because some well intentioned family members forced me to buy stuff for myself that they could then confiscate, wrap, and return back to me along with some reimbursement. And I don't think a $3 scarf would have cut it in their eyes. So anyway, the new stuff I got over the holidays basically includes: multiple pairs of knee socks and a sweater from Target, some shoes and undies from Nordstrom Rack, a pair of cords and a shirt or two from J. Crew. Not bad, eh? Some people sans such high expectations from me would consider some of that stuff pretty thrifty (I got the cords for 14$!)

Since then, I've been pretty good about sticking to D.I. or Savers for my shopping fixes. (Besides some shoes from F21, and a hat and some rain boots from T.J. Maxx.) I've gotten a TON of stuff that I'm meaning to sell on Etsy but have been a bit lazy when it comes to taking pictures, etc.

Anyway, there's a little update for you in case you were wondering if I had gone totally snob city and decided to live out my fantasies of purchasing only Elizabeth and James and Diane von Furstenberg. Luckily (?) my budget does not even almost allow for that and when that day comes in 30 years, I will change the name of this blog to BitchyCakes.

Cheers! ~ Addie

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sleek Silk

Photos by Krystle

New: Thrifted shirt/robe (eventually making their way to the store?)
Old: Silence + Noise jeans, thrifted pumps, F21 scarf
RIP: The boots I mentioned in the last post. I wore them to the Sundance Film Festival where it was snowy and wet, and the poor guys just couldn't hold up to the elements not to mention the salt on the ground. By the time I got home they looked so sad and tired. White salt marks on the leather, discoloration, heel ripping apart... so I thought it was time to lay them to rest (along with my sisters Uggs that were breaking as well.) RIP lil cowboy booties reminiscent of the Jeffrey Campbell starburst boots that I want so bad......... you will be missed dearly.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New stuff and my favorite boots

I thought this selling vintage thing was going to be so fun... and it is! But I have this slight problem of wanting to keep everything I find. Ugh! Maybe I'll get some of these clothes out of my system after a few wears ;)
Photos by Krystle

New: Thrifted plaid shirt, thrifted sheer blouse, and thrifted velvet belt. I love them all SO much! Esp the plaid, it's too comfy and warm. The first thing to go might be the blouse... we'll see if I feel the same in a week or two.
Old: UO jeans, F21 tank top, thrifted cowboy booties (can't stop wearing these with everything.. that's called love.)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Leather Skirt

I'm not exaggerating when I say this might be the coolest thing I've ever found at a thrift store. (Except for the lace pants I just got yesterday, but that's another story for another post...) Behold, the leather skirt:
Worn with: moms vintage baby tee, Lea Foscati platforms (bought years ago at UO for cheap ,) thrifted trippy velvet pumps, vintage faux fur jacket, thrifted sheer and velvet blouse. <--Which I think I'm putting up for sale in the Etsy Store.

I'm pretty much obsessed with this skirt and am convinced that I can and WILL wear it with everything (although it's a little snug so I might need to lose that "last 5 pounds"... you know how it is.)

Thanks to Krystle for the photos!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ann D.

ann demeulemeester boots? in my dreams.
forever 21 knock offs? CHECK! in the mail!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Etsy Store... officially open!!! Click here or on my sidebar to check out the latest thrifted goods. Here is a peek at what's in/almost in the shop!

Tell your friends! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Future

Hi friends!~ It's been a while, but I'm finally back in Utah with a new cat and a new camera and I'm ready to get the shop started up. But first, I thought I'd post an outfit update. Here is what I [almost] wore on NYE. (I was gonna spend new years in San Francisco but when my ride bailed out, I stayed home and hung with my lil bro.)

(Vintage Diane Freis dress [moms], F21 rainbow beret, thrifted cowboy boots [not pictured, sisters.])

Happy twenty ten yalllllll.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Put on your shiny shoes, we're going out

Would you please check out the patchwork leather on those oxfords?.. The two tone (three if you count the red interior!) suede on those booties?.. The silky chicness of that Louis Vuitton?! I want to keep them all so bad, but alas, I need to pay rent more than I need more shoes. So these should all be up in the store very shortly. Keep an eye out!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gem #3: Blurry Furry

(Thrifted faux fur jacket + thrifted sweater + C.C. Outlaw skirt via Nordstrom [old] + thrifted oxfords)

Love this little baby! It's really comfy and warm. I have been a little too shy to wear it out but I pretty much wear it around my house all day. It reminds me of this coat from Anthropologie's current collection. ONLY 99 PERCENT LESS EXPENSIVE!

*This might be going up in the store. Haven't quite decided yet ;)

Gem #2: Margot Style

(Thrifted leather jacket + J.Crew skirt and skirt + DV boots)

This leather and wool trim coat is the bees knees! Perfect vintage condition. A little snug though, so I think it's going up in the store. Watch out for it!!

Announcement & GEMRALD CITY

OH hey! I had my last final yesterday and I'm not going home until tomorrow so I realized I had time for thrifting + posting... yessssss.

But before I show you my new treasures, I have an announcement: THRIFTY CAKES IS UP FOR SALE! aka I'm starting an Etsy store. There's nothing up yet because I kind of want to wait until I get my new camera for Christmas because then all the pictures will be a whole lot prettier. Anyway, I've already bought a good amount of cool stuff for listing, so stay tuned for updates on that.

Now.... on to the gems. #1: Warm Wool
I have literally worn this coat every day since I got it (last week?) It's 75% wool and 25% fur fiber (whatever that is...) and SO WARM! And yes, that's a real fur collar. But vintage fur = ethical. I'm in love.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Thrifty Cakes is on Christmas break! (FINALS!) ~ Be back to normal posting after the holidays.

Have a merry Christmas everyone :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Lovin my DV's

Ever since it has started snowing in Utah I have been LIVING in these boots. (Except mine are black.) They are perfect for treading through piles of snow and since they are black I can even wear them to work!

So I just want to take a moment to personally thank Dolce Vita for making the perfect pair of equestrian boots. They are making my winter that much more warm, dry, comfortable and fashionable. And for $20, these might be one of my very best purchases! (These boots are neither new nor vintage... I got them over the summer at Urban Outfitters.)

PS- Funny story... after I bought these I told my sister she HAD to go buy some in brown cause I noticed they had her size. She was somewhat apathetic about it, since she hadn't previously been a big fan of tall boots, but I pretty much dragged her to UO -- offering to drive and to buy them for her if she wasn't sure she wanted them or not -- finally convincing her that she would never find boots this cool for this price. (They were originally $160!) Well, of course, she now loves them. You're welcome, Bridgey!!~ Can I have yours when they get stretched out and don't fit you anymore? :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just because you caught me, does that make it a sin?

Okay guys, confession time:

I bought a sweater that wasn't used. GASP. Look, I'm really sorry, but I was in Anthropologie and this sweater had my name written all over it. It was singing to me "Look how beautiful I am... Notice that I'm 50% off... You've been wanting a cream sweater forever..." Before you judge me, take a look:

(Worn with purple cords [F21 ~ $13] and a plaid shirt [thrifted ~ $5] cause that's just how I roll.)

I know what you're thinking. WHY WERE YOU IN ANTHROPOLOGIE IN THE FIRST PLACE? ALCOHOLIC IN A BAR STYLE! And here is my answer: School has been mad stressing me out for 2 weeks and I needed to relieve some tension, so I of course figured retail therapy -- HOWEVER, I was planning on buying Christmas presents... and to be fair, I did buy 1.

Anyway, I have repented, and again, before you and God, I promise to not break the rules anymore. Unless I really want to :)

PS- I got bangs. What do you think?? I'm on the fence. But I'm leaning towards.. LOVE AFFAIR! LOVE OFHAIR!